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The hexdevs blog is where we talk about exciting topics: financial independence, learning in public, self-improvement, bootstrapping a business, and more.

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Thiago Araujo

I've been playing with computers since my father built an Intel 80486DX2 computer in the early 90s. My first video game console was the Atari 2600.

My parents were also smugglers of computer parts back in the day (ask me about their story!).

I've been working with software development since 2010, and I'm interested in Financial Independence, AI and Machine Learning, Philosophy, Calligraphy, Podcasting, and Gaming.

I'm @thdaraujo on Twitter.

Stefanni Brasil

I also live in British Columbia, Canada. Software developer, interested in building a profitable bootstrapped business. I am also doing a cool challenge called 12xstartups.

Besides creating content for the hexdevs, I also write at The Plant-Based Diet Club newsletter. Check it out if you want to get recipes for simple, plant-based meals that anyone can make.

My interests are Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE), self-improvement, mental health, cats, books, running, biking. I am pretty much always learning something new and trying to apply what I learn in my life.

I am @stefannibrasil on Twitter.

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