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Ruby Code Quality with Ernesto Tagwerker

Are you working on Ruby on Rails Applications that are constantly on fire, overwhelmed by technical debt? Instead of being a firefighter, what if you could be a happy programmer again? Listen and learn exactly how to measure tech debt and take the right steps to immediately improve code quality!

#25 The Unstuck Guide for Developers

Are you feeling frustrated with everything you need to learn as a developer? Feeling like things will never 'click' for you? What if you could easily get unstuck? Try this surprisingly simple way to get unstuck as a developer.

#24 Why no one reads your tech blog and how to fix that

You have a technical blog but there is only one problem: no one is reading what you write.Why? Listen to the episode to learn how you can write effectively, starting today.

#23 Taking the Leap into Entrepreneurship with Monica Lent

Monica Lent is a software engineer and entrepreneur. She decided to quit her job and bootstrap Affilimate full-time. She also created Blogging for Devs, a paid community to help developers grow their technical blogs with SEO.

#22 Unusual Tech Jobs with Brian David Hall

What if you could use your skills in other areas like Marketing and Sales to transition to a tech job? Learning how to code on top of your existing skills will give you superpowers!

#21 Why Michael Lynch Quit Google to Work for Himself as a Solo Founder

Today we interview Michael Lynch to talk more about why he decided to leave his job at Google to become a solo founder, launching "Hit the Front Page of Hacker News", and his quest to achieve financial independence.

#20 Growing a micro-SaaS to $30k MRR with Preetam Nath and Sankalp Jonna from DelightChat

Learn how Preetam Nath and Sankalp Jonna, co-founders of SuperLemon and DelightChat, started and grew a Shopify micro-SaaS to $30,000 MRR and more than 20,000 users in about 14 months.

#19 Learning in Public with Chris Bongers from Daily Dev Tips

Chris Bongers is a senior developer and blogger. He's been sharing daily web development tips for the past 250 days and helping people become more efficient developers by writing on his blog Daily Dev Tips.

#18 Ask hexdevs: How can Dmitrii move to Canada?

Dmitrii Pashtuskii is a full-stack software engineer, traveler, and maker. He asked us questions about moving to Canada and the visa process. We're sharing this conversation because it's a great opportunity for us to share our story and help others.

#17 Adopting Shape Up: How Raymond Huang is running Shape Up at Unbounce

"We are all competent in the team, but why do the projects always get delayed, why did we run into problems? We do sprints, we do sprint planning, something is not working. Shape Up helped me get the right balance between long and short-term planning."

#16 Finding Product-Market Fit with Kenny MacKenzie

Kenny MacKenzie is an expert in product-market fit, and we talked about the very common types of cognitive biases that early-stage founders will face. Listen to this episode and learn how to run experiments to validate product ideas that will improve your chances of being a successful startup founder.

#15 Getting a Job in Germany with Fabiano Beselga

This is the second part of our interview with Fabiano where we talk about his new job in Munich - Germany, and also about the visa process, his experience of working in a new country, and the challenges he's facing now.

#14 The Work of a CTO: Building a Great Engineering Culture with Fabiano Beselga

Fabiano Beselga co-founded Magnetis, one of the most successful fintech startups in Brazil, and served as the CTO for over 7 years. If you want to become a C-Level executive or become a better leader, check out this episode. Fabiano shared a lot of great advice on how to make sure you are giving the support your team needs and how to establish good practices, deliver better products, and how to hire well.

Happy Holidays!

This short episode contains a couple of special notes. We just wanted to thank you for all your support this year! We hope we can continue learning together in 2020. Happy Holidays!

#13 Building Software for Startups in San Francisco and Leading Development Teams with Amed Rodriguez

Amed Rodriguez is a Senior Software Engineer who developed software for many startups in San Francisco. He co-founded a startup which got an interview with Y-Combinator (W15). After working as an engineer for companies in the Bay Area, he eventually moved to Vancouver. In this episode, we talk about his experience of leading a software development company and the best way to get more startup clients and projects.

#12 Sharpening Your Coding Skills by Contributing to Open-source with Gui Vieira

Gui Vieira is a Senior Software Developer originally from Brazil. He moved to Vancouver, BC a few months ago. He is the maintainer of the 'shoulda-matchers' test library, a very popular library in the Ruby on Rails community. We talked about his entrepreneurship journey, his experience with open-source and how he got a job in Vancouver via VanHack.

#11 Code-Inspired Music and Open Source Projects with Linda Peng

Linda Peng has a lot of experience with front-end development and open-source projects. She has an album called Violin.play() - a Code-Inspired music album. Stay tuned for a special code shared during the episode to listen to her entire album. Not only that, she is the creator of CodeBuddies.org, an international community of very nice people helping each other get better at software development. We discussed how putting your side projects out there helps you meet new people and achieve unexpected results.

#10 Mastering your Financial Life and Living Healthy with Andrea Bernal

Andrea Bernal is on her way to financial independence. She is a minimalist and a member of the FIRE movement (Financial Independence/Retire Early). She worked as an Assistant Producer to the Netflix documentary "What The Health", and runs a very popular Youtube channel about Plant-Based Nutrition called "Plantae Revolution". In this episode, Andrea shared with us some effective ideas on how to take care of your money and your health, and how to be more productive and intentional about your life.

#9 From Self-Taught Photographer to Principal Engineer with Keith Bingman from Unbounce

Keith Bingman is a Principal Engineer at Unbounce. We talked about how to grow in your career when you're a self-taught developer and how to unlock the potential of your engineering team by leading by example and introducing good practices like testing, pair-programming and mentoring.

#8 Growing the Women in Web Dev International Community with Jenny Chan

Jenny Chan is a former Marketing professional and now is working as a Full Stack Developer after attending a bootcamp. She has her own community for female developers called Women in Web Dev. We talked about her life as a digital nomad, how her community helps juniors and more!

#7 Human-Computer Interaction Research and front-end development with Antoine Ponsard from Asana

Antoine Ponsard is a Software Developer with a Master's in Computer Science and is a specialist in Human-Computer Interaction. We talked about his experience of moving from France to Vancouver to pursue his Master's Degree at UBC. He currently works with front-end development at Asana.

#6 Elixir and Functional Programming with Ulisses Almeida

From a small town in Sao Paulo Metro Area to Tallinn, Estonia, meet our guest: Ulisses Almeida. An experienced Software Developer, Ulisses has a published book called "Learn Functional Programming with Elixir". We talked about his experience working at Plataformatec with the people that created the Elixir Language, and his new job at a company that is building a bitcoin betting platform using Elixir and some of his thoughts about Functional Programming.

#5 The Business of Hiring International Developers with Ilya Brotzky of VanHack

This is the best time to get a job abroad. Learn how Ilya Brotzky created VanHack in 2014 and got 700+ developers hired abroad so far. We talk about how he is running the business, the challenges he faced and his goals for the company's future. We also discussed the most frequent questions people ask about getting a job abroad in tech.

#4 Talking about Erlang with Brian St. Amand

Have you ever had trouble with deadlocks, race-conditions and other concurrency problems? Do you often need to manually restart a faulty system that breaks for random reasons? Are you having problems with performance? Are you an Elixir developer who is curious about Erlang? Then you're gonna enjoy this new episode of the podcast.

#3 Front-End Development and UX with Gleidy Mendoza

On this episode, Gleidy Mendoza talks about UX Development and how to level up your team by sharing your knowledge as much as possible and coaching other developers.

#2 Stella Miranda - From Colombia to Vancouver

Stella Miranda was a CTO at a tech company in Colombia and now she is a Senior Software Engineer at Unbounce in Vancouver, Canada. In this episode, she shares with us how she got a visa-sponsored job in Canada and the on boarding process, her community work back in Colombia, about her experience as a woman in tech, and some interesting details about her work as a software engineer and tips for those who are looking for jobs abroad.

#1 Meet the hexdevs team

Hello! We're the hexdevs team! In this short episode, we talk about what you can expect from this podcast and how you can find us. Thanks for listening!


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