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#16 Finding Product-Market Fit with Kenny MacKenzie

Kenny MacKenzie is an expert in product-market fit, and we talked about the very common types of cognitive biases that early-stage founders will face. Listen to this episode and learn how to run experiments to validate product ideas that will improve your chances of being a successful startup founder.

#15 Getting a Job in Germany with Fabiano Beselga

This is the second part of our interview with Fabiano where we talk about his new job in Munich - Germany, and also about the visa process, his experience of working in a new country, and the challenges he's facing now.

#14 The Work of a CTO: Building a Great Engineering Culture with Fabiano Beselga

Fabiano Beselga co-founded Magnetis, one of the most successful fintech startups in Brazil, and served as the CTO for over 7 years. If you want to become a C-Level executive or become a better leader, check out this episode. Fabiano shared a lot of great advice on how to make sure you are giving the support your team needs and how to establish good practices, deliver better products, and how to hire well.

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