#12 Sharpening Your Coding Skills by Contributing to Open-source with Gui Vieira

Gui Vieira is a Senior Software Developer originally from Brazil. He moved to Vancouver, BC a few months ago. He is the maintainer of the 'shoulda-matchers' test library, a very popular library in the Ruby on Rails community. We talked about his entrepreneurship journey, his experience with open-source and how he got a job in Vancouver via VanHack.

Have you ever thought about contributing to open-source projects but don't know where to start or which project to choose? Gui Vieira has been the maintainer of the popular 'shoulda-matchers' gem since 2017.

We talked about the job of being an open-source maintainer. not only that, but we also discussed TDD, as well as his entrepreneurship journey in the past, and the process of moving to Canada.


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