#18 Ask hexdevs: How can Dmitrii move to Canada?

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Dmitrii Pashtuskii is a full-stack software engineer, traveler, and maker. He asked us questions about moving to Canada and the visa process. We're sharing this conversation because it's a great opportunity for us to share our story and help others.
Dmitrii Pashtuskii is a digital nomad living in Bali, and recently quit his job so he could travel and build a business.

This episode will be a little different: Dimitrii will be asking us questions about moving to Canada because he wants to apply for a visa very soon. In a future episode we will talk more about his projects and the life of a digital nomad.

If you ever wanted to move to Canada, this is the time. Canada is planning on bringing more than 1 million immigrants in the next 3 years!

We thought it would be the great opportunity for us to share our story and help others. We are also thinking of writing a short guide with more information, documents and resources we used in our visa process. In case you are interested, you can sign up for the wait list.

Here's what we discussed:

  • Why we moved to Vancouver, Canada
  • How VanHack helped Thiago get a job in Canada
  • Why Dmitrii is planning to get a visa and settle down in Canada after living the nomad life
  • How long did it take us to get our Permanent Residency through the BCPNP program
  • How Express Entry works
  • The tech community in Vancouver
  • Life in Vancouver: Are people friendly? Is it easy to make new friends?
  • Getting a Canadian Citizenship
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  • VanHack helps great tech talent get jobs abroad, even during the pandemic!

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#18 Ask hexdevs: How can Dmitrii move to Canada?
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