#19 Learning in Public with Chris Bongers from Daily Dev Tips

Chris Bongers is a senior developer and blogger. He's been sharing daily web development tips for the past 250 days and helping people become more efficient developers by writing on his blog Daily Dev Tips.

Learn how to develop a habit of learning in public, writing daily, and helping your audience. Chris Bongers has been sharing software development tips every day for the past 250 days on his blog Daily Dev Tips and on twitter.

Here's what we talked about:
  • How Chris got started with writing
  • How he wrote more than 250 articles during lockdown
  • Which daily tips were the most popular
  • How he comes up with ideas for Daily Dev Tips. Spoiler alert: by working in public, he gets lots of suggestions from his followers. Win-win!
  • The benefits of learning in public and writing every day for Daily Dev Tips
  • How he manages his energy levels and productivity, and avoids burnout
  • What helped him grow his audience
  • SEO and blogging tips for beginners
  • Where should you share your blog posts: on Hashnode or dev.to?
  • How hiking is the best activity for writers

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