#3 Front-End Development and UX with Gleidy Mendoza

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On this episode, Gleidy Mendoza talks about UX Development and how to level up your team by sharing your knowledge as much as possible and coaching other developers.

Gleidy Mendoza is a Front-End and UX Developer originally from Venezuela. She started working with Java but when Ajax came out, she fell in love with the possibilities of working with UX to deliver a better product for her clients.

She first came to Vancouver to study English. After sending her resume to many companies here, one company offered her a job and a Work Permit. Since 2010, she's been working in Canada, and she's been working for Unbounce since January 2019.

On this episode, we talk about working on the frontend, the importance of mentoring and how adopting practices like Pair Programming in your company can help your team grow faster.

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#3 Front-End Development and UX with Gleidy Mendoza
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