#8 Growing the Women in Web Dev International Community with Jenny Chan

Jenny Chan is a former Marketing professional and now is working as a Full Stack Developer after attending a bootcamp. She has her own community for female developers called Women in Web Dev. We talked about her life as a digital nomad, how her community helps juniors and more!

Jenny Chan is a digital nomad, and a Full Stack Developer. She runs a very successful community for female developers called Women in Web Dev.

In this episode, she gave some tips for those who are planning to do a bootcamp, how she got her first job after finishing it, the importance of putting yourself out there and making connections, and how she got her first remote job as a developer.

Jenny shared some tips on how to find a job as a junior developer and how her community helps women start their careers as web developers, how to get a remote job and how to be productive while working remotely.

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