How to Be a Faster Coder?

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How do you code faster? How do you make sure you're practicing effectively? Listen to Stefanni and Thiago talk about Drill Exercises and Deliberate Practice as strategies to learn faster.
"How can I practice my skills so I can code faster?"

One way is to design Drill Exercises when learning a new skill. It helps break down the steps and practice them in isolation until you master all of them. Plus, you get instant feedback.

Master technical skills faster. Design Drill Exercises and practice deliberately.

Listen to this short episode about designing effective technical practice as a self-learner. We also mentioned what we've been reading and listening to lately.

00:00 Intro
00:22 What is deliberate practice?
01:06 Ultralearning and Drill Exercises
01:48 Direct Drills for Technical Practice
04:08 Fast Feedback on Learning
06:02 Foundational Skills
07:13 Practice above your current skill level
10:42 Learn Hard Things Faster
14:27 Improving your memory
15:11 The Feynman Technique
18:08 Subtracting and Doing Less
21:23 Ask good questions and simplify
22:55 Ending


Creators and Guests

Stefanni Brasil
Stefanni Brasil
I like to be around people who are kind, curious and compassionate. Co-founder of hexdevs. Developer at Thoughtbot, and a core maintainer of faker-ruby. Public speaker, writer, podcast host, Ruby developer.
Thiago Araujo
Thiago Araujo
Co-founder of hexdevs: helping you become an expert developer.
How to Be a Faster Coder?
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