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#5 The Business of Hiring International Developers with Ilya Brotzky of VanHack

This is the best time to get a job abroad. Learn how Ilya Brotzky created VanHack in 2014 and got 700+ developers hired abroad so far. We talk about how he is running ...

#4 Talking about Erlang with Brian St. Amand

Have you ever had trouble with deadlocks, race-conditions and other concurrency problems? Do you often need to manually restart a faulty system that breaks for random ...

#3 Front-End Development and UX with Gleidy Mendoza

On this episode, Gleidy Mendoza talks about UX Development and how to level up your team by sharing your knowledge as much as possible and coaching other developers.

#2 Stella Miranda - From Colombia to Vancouver

Stella Miranda was a CTO at a tech company in Colombia and now she is a Senior Software Engineer at Unbounce in Vancouver, Canada. In this episode, she shares with us ...

#1 Meet the hexdevs team

Hello! We're the hexdevs team! In this short episode, we talk about what you can expect from this podcast and how you can find us. Thanks for listening!

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